Emergency Management

The City of Silverton’s Emergency Management organization is governed by a wide range of laws, regulations, plans and policies. The program is administered and coordinated by the Silverton City Manager’s office. The program receives its authority from Oregon Revised Statutes. Silverton has adopted the principles of the National Incident Management System (NIMS), the National Response Framework (NRF) and the Incident Command System (ICS) as a framework for local responses to natural and man-made emergencies. The national framework serves as a foundation for the City’s Emergency Operations Plan and Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan.

The City of Silverton has a well-trained Emergency Management Team. This team meets regularly to exercise and prepare for a real emergency should one arise. The team also staffs an Emergency Operations Center in time of a real emergency. It is recognized that response to emergency or disaster conditions in order to maximize the safety of the public and to minimize property damage is a primary responsibility of government. It is the goal of the City that responses to such conditions are done in the most organized, efficient, and effective manner possible.

The City’s Emergency Operations Plan addresses a number of potential threats to the community, including severe weather emergencies, flood, major fire, hazardous materials, earthquake, volcanic activity and terrorism.

It is imperative that all citizens be prepared to the extent possible for any disaster. Information is found on this site that will assist you in the event of an emergency. 

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  1. Christy Wurster

    City Manager

  2. Angela Speier

    Assistant to the City Manager/City Clerk

  3. Elizabeth Gray

    Assistant to the City Manager/HR Coordinator