Request an Inspection or Check Inspection Results

Online Inspection Request Instructions

  • Inspection requests received after 7:00 am will be scheduled for the following business day Monday through Thursday. No inspections on Friday. 
  • Date = The date that you would like the inspection to take place. 
  • Inspection type:  Select from the drop down list the type of inspection that you are requesting.  B=Structural; M=Mechanical; P=Plumbing; E=Electrical; PW=Public Right of Way;  C = Combo (used for new single family home permits only)
  • Combo inspections are for new single family residential construction permits only and do not include electrical or public works inspections. Please schedule these separately. 
  • Please contact Vickie at (503) 874-2207 if you have any questions or need to obtain an access code.
  • Request an inspection or check inspection results  

    (this link takes you to our Permit Portal)
You may also schedule an inspection by calling (503) 874-2208