Does your court offer Traffic School?
The City of Silverton Municipal Court offers a traffic school program. This program is designed to allow drivers the opportunity to recognize and review their driving habits, attitudes, and behaviors. There is an additional fee involved, but the violation will not go on your driving record if you complete the program and have no subsequent traffic violations within six months. Generally, you can go to Traffic School if:
You have been cited for a single moving violation
You have received no other moving violations or traffic crime charges within the last three years immediately preceding the date of this citation
You have a valid non-commercial driver license
There was no accident associated with the alleged offense.
You did not receive a citation for no insurance.
Your presumptive fine is not greater than $435.

Requirements of program:
Enter a plea of No Contest (not contesting the facts of the case) Note: A Not Guilty Plea forfeits your Traffic School option.
Fill out the traffic school paper work and agreement at Court and submit it to the Court Clerk.
Pay the presumptive fine amount in full within 7 days of the date of your court appearance.
Contact the school, pay the registration fee and register for the class.
Successfully complete the class and receive a Certificate of Completion.
Submit the “Certificate of Completion” to the Court within 90 days of the date of your court appearance.
Do not receive a citation for a motor vehicle violation within the next 180 days of the date of your court appearance.

There will be no extensions and no exceptions.

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