Street Maintenance

The Maintenance Division is responsible for street maintenance and repairs on City streets. Work performed by crews includes street sweeping, pothole repairs, street signage, de-icing and pavement markings on City streets. 

Street Tree Trimming

Keeping street trees and vegetation trimmed is the property owner’s responsibility per Silverton Municipal Code (SMC) Chapter 18 3.2.300 (G). This allows access for emergency vehicles, street sweeping vehicles and refuse collection vehicles. 

If you have received a notice from the city, trees not in compliance will have a ribbon marker. Stand at the curb and look down the curb-line and any branches, shrubbery or vegetation that protrudes over the curb must be removed per the specifications below.

Trees, shrubs or other vegetation which has not been maintained after ten (10) days of receiving notice are subject to trimming by city staff. 

Trimming Specifications

Trees, shrubs or plants standing in or upon any public street or alley, or on private grounds, and having branches projecting into the public street or sidewalk, shall be kept trimmed by the owner or owners of the property adjacent to or in front of such trees, shrubs or plants, growing so that:

i. The lowest branches shall not be less than a minimum of 12 feet above any surface of the street pavement, and shall not be less than 14 feet above the surface of streets designated as state highways;

ii. The lowest branches shall not be less than a minimum of eight feet above any surface of a sidewalk;

iii. The highest branches of any bush or shrub on private property shall comply with the clear vision area requirements.

Street Sweeping

Note:Tuesday and Wednesday routes will alternate weekly during October, November and December in order to work around trash service day.

Blowing or raking leaves and debris into City streets is prohibited by Silverton Municipal Code 12.28.050. Leaves that fall on your property, including sidewalks, may not be raked or blown into streets.

Street Sweeping Schedule
Street Sweeping Routes

Pothole Repairs

Please report pothole concerns by contacting the Maintenance Division or submit a request through the Report a Concern form.