Winter Weather Street Maintenance

Winter Road
During winter months the Public Works Maintenance Division and the Police Department work together to monitor weather and pavement conditions of City streets. 

The Street Deicing Route Map shows streets included in winter weather street maintenance. A number of streets are under County or State jurisdiction for street maintenance including deicing, sanding and plowing. The Roadway Jurisdiction Map shows these areas (City of Silverton now has jurisdiction over Steelhammer Rd. from Oak St. to Eastview Ln.).

Note: Street Deicing Route Map is for reference only and does not guarantee a street will be plowed, sanded or deiced. No two storms are the same so crews must adjust operations accordingly. City Public Safety Departments (Police and Public Works) reserve the right to close certain streets in the event that they become a safety concern.  

The City uses magnesium chloride, a natural element, as a deicing agent. This product is also used by Marion County and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).