Water Quality Division


The Water Quality Division is responsible for the drinking water supply, treatment quality, and pumping stations. This division is also responsible for treatment of wastewater, clean effluent disposal and treated biosolids disposal. The Water Quality Division delivers over 600 million gallons of high quality drinking water to residents and business customers annually.

Water Supply

Abiqua Creek and Silver Creek are the main water supply sources for the city. Silverton Reservoir storage is the third water supply source and provides approximately 420 million gallons of water storage.

Wastewater Treatment

The Schemmel Lane Wastewater Treatment Plant treats all the city's wastewater and sends up to 1 million gallons a day of the treated effluent to the Oregon Garden to be used for landscape irrigation and wetlands supply. Other treated effluent is returned to Silver Creek after meeting all state and federal permit requirements. The division treated nearly 500 million gallons of combined domestic, commercial, and industrial wastewater.

Biosolids generated in the treatment process are currently being reused as a soil conditioner on local grass seed farm lands. All division staff are fully certified to operate the water treatment and wastewater treatment plants.