City Council 


Meetings of the City Council are held to conduct City business.

  • Begin at 6:00 p.m. (unless otherwise noted on the Agenda)
  • First Monday of each month - If there is a holiday, then the Meeting is held on the second Monday
  • Held in the Silverton City Council Chambers located at 421 S. Water St., Silverton

Work Sessions

Work Sessions allow the Council to discuss upcoming agenda items. No formal actions are taken during Work Sessions.

  • Begin at 6:00 p.m. (unless otherwise noted on the Agenda)
  • Third Monday of each month
  • Held in the Silverton City Council Chambers at 421 S. Water St.

City Council Overview

  • Silverton's governing body is composed of the Mayor and six Council member
  • The Mayor is elected At-large for a two-year term
  • Council Members are elected At-large for four-year terms
  • The Mayor and Council Members are volunteers and do not receive salary for their service
  • The Mayor presides over Council Meetings, enforces Council rules and determines the order of business under the Council protocols and guidelines
  • In order to be eligible to serve on the Council, a candidate must be a registered voter, and have resided in the City during the twelve months immediately preceding the election

Mission Statement

To provide exceptional public service that ensures safety, maintains infrastructure, preserves our unique heritage, and protects natural resources while proactively pursuing emerging opportunities to enhance our quality of life.

Kyle Palmer
Phone: 503-932-8550
Term Expires: January, 2021
Council President
Jason Freilinger
Phone: N/A
Term Expires: January, 2021
Council Member
Dana Smith
Phone: 503-873-4921
Term Expires: January, 2023
Council Member
Matt Plummer
Phone: N/A
Term Expires: January, 2021
Council Member
Laurie A. Carter
Phone: 503-580-5355
Term Expires: January, 2021

Council Member
Jim Sears
Phone: 503-873-9357
Term Expires: January, 2023
Councilor Neideigh

Council Member
Crystal Neideigh
​Phone: N/A
​Term Expires: January, 2023

Ordinances and Resolutions