Business Licenses

Obtaining a Business License:

A lot of work and planning goes into opening your own business, and we hope the information provided here will make the task a little easier. The City has three types of business licenses: General, Home Occupation, and Transient.

General Business

You will need to acquire a General Business License if you are selling any goods or service, soliciting business or offering goods or services for sale or hire, and/or acquiring or using any vehicle or premises (except a residence) in the City limits for business purposes. Application for a license shall be made annually beginning at least 10 days before conducting business in the City limits and renewed effective January 1st, each year. All businesses must comply with Zoning and other regulations that have been adopted by the City, Marion County, and/or State.

Home Occupation

Application and Home Occupation Addendum
A Home Occupation Business License is required for any business that occurs within the same space that is utilized as a residence. Home Occupations include small-scale business ventures or personal hobbies, whether conducted for profit or not, which could not be sustained if it were necessary to lease commercial space. The business needs to be conducted in such a way that the outward appearance does not manifest the characteristics of a business nor infringe on the right of neighboring residents to enjoy the peaceful occupancy of their homes.

Vacation Rentals

Silverton is a gorgeous town to vacation in.  If you own a hotel, bed and breakfast or airbnb the City of Silverton has a business license requirement.  In addition, all hotels, bed and breakfast and airbnb's are required to pay a 9% Transient Occupancy Tax.  Click here for more information and the required form that needs to be submitted.

Transient Business

Transient Business License Application

A Transient Business is any person, either as a principal or agent, who sells goods, wares, services, or merchandise at a fixed temporary location, or door-to-door, on public or private property, or otherwise conducts business for a temporary period of time. If the Transient Business is determined by the City Manager to potentially negatively impact publicly owned lands or facilities, then a bond or other financial security will be required to ensure cleanup, restoration, and/or replacement of the facility.  To obtain a peddler business license, each person who will be going door-to-door must sign a background check authorization.  Authorization for Background Check

Steps to Acquiring a Business License:

  • Step 1 - Zoning Approval: Review Zoning regulations to ensure your business and location are an approved use. Depending on where your business is proposed and what improvements are required for occupancy you may be required to participate in a Design Review or Change of Occupancy permit. Please contact the Community Development Department for information specific to your business at (503) 874-2207.
  • Step 2 - Building Approval: Prepare a floor plan of the business showing the size and location of exit doors, bathrooms, counter heights, display cases, etc. Present this to the Building Department for a review of handicapped accessibility and other fire and life safety requirements.
  • Step 3 - Business License Application: Fill out the appropriate application form for the type of business you are opening.  Some businesses (peddlers, marijuana dispensaries) require that all participants pass a background check.   Authorization for Background Check
  • Step 4 - Sign Permit: You will need to apply for a Sign Permit form for the review of any signage you wish to install. This includes window painting or decals if they include the name of your business. You do not need to obtain a permit for incidental signs like open/closed, business hours, etc.
  • Sign Permit Forms: Application Fee Schedule Sign Variance