Master Plans and Studies

​Master Plans

Master Plans provide the City of Silverton strategies, conceptual plans for management of existing and future services, and identify capital needs both now and for a period of twenty years.
 Parks & Recreation Plans  
 Parks & Recreation Master Plan
 Coolidge & McClaine Park Master Plan
 Stormwater Plans  
 Stormwater Master Plan Update

 Stormwater Master Plan
 Transportation Plans
 Transportation System Plan Volume I
 Transportation System Plan Volume II
 Transportation System Plan Volume II Appendix 
 Wastewater Plans
 Wastewater System Facility Master Plan
 Water Plans
 Water Treatment Plant Facility Plan 
 Water Management & Conservation Plan
 Water Master Plan
 Appendix A - Raw, Finished & Consumption Data
 Appendix B - Distribution Facilities Evaluation
 Appendix C - Water Modeling Data
 Appendix D - 2019 Sanitary Survey
 Appendix E - Capital Improvement Plan
 Appendix F1 - 2016 Water Management & Conservation Plan
 Appendix F2 - 2016 Water Treatment Plant Facility Plan
 Appendix F3 - 2018 Source Water Assessment
 Appendix F4 - 2019 Systems Development Charge Update



provide in depth information for the City regarding projects and subjects by qualified consultants. The information is then used by the City staff and public to make informed decisions.
 Pool Studies  
 Silverton Pool: Existing Conditions Analysis and Recommendations  2016
 Silverton Community Pool Feasibility Study  2012
 System Development Charge Methodologies  
 System Development Charge (SDC) Update  2019
Water Studies   
 Source Water Assessment  2018