Silverton's National Registered Places


The Joseph Henry Moser Barn at 507 S. 3rd Street is a balloon-framed, three-level, approximately 2,200 square foot bank barn situated on the East side of Silver Creek. The barn was built in 1910, during the period of expansion in Silverton and predates the house with which it shares the lot. The barn is composed of three levels and is the last known barn remaining within the boundaries of Silverton, a vestige of the pre-motor age and a remnant example of a building type that was once commonplace in Silverton.
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Moser Barn


The Peter and Bertha Soderberg House, 1106 Pine Street, is situated on the north side of Pine Street in the Silver Creek neighborhood. The Soderberg House is a 1.5 story, moderately expressed, side-gabled, Craftsman-style, single-family residence in the bungalow form. Throughout the house, the building retains its original interior door, window, and wall trim.
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Soderberg House


The Magnus and Emma Ek House is a two-story, wood-frame, moderately-expressed Queen Anne-style residence. It is one of the earliest residences in the immediate vicinity.
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Ek House


Frank Lloyd Wright’s Gordon House, at 869 W. Main Street, Silverton was designed using Wright’s approach and principles of organic architecture. The National Historic Site has been restored and is the only realized house in Oregon designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and the only Wright building open to the public in the Pacific Northwest. Gordon House Website


The Murton E. Deguire house located at 631 B. Street, is a 2 1/2 story, frame late Victorian/Queen Anne-style house with subdued Colonial Revival design elements. The Deguire House was built during the twenty years surrounding its 1906 construction date.
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DeGuire House


The Louis J. Adams house located at 423 W. Main Street is a 2 1/2 story, frame Craftsman-style house, in the full expression of the style. The interior of the house is richly styled with built-in cabinetry, a finely-crafted fir central staircase, Scamozzi lonic columns at the entry, coffered ceilings throughout the first floor, and features custom-designed, hand-painted friezes in the living room and game rooms by artist and designer CJ Hurley.
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Adams House


The June D. Drake house located at 409 S. Water Street is a 1 1/2 story, frame Free Classic Queen Anne-style house which, typical of the Free Classic sub-type of the Queen Anne style, combines late-Victorian elements of massing and style with subdued elements of the Colonial Revival style. The house was built within 15 years of its completion in 1904.
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June Drake House


The Calvary Lutheran Church and Parsonage located at 310-314 Jersey Street, is a historic church building and parsonage in Silverton. The church is a combination of the carpenter gothic and the Queen Anne arhitectural styles. The parsonage is Bungalow/Craftsman and Greek Revival style.

White Steeple


In March of 2011, Silverton’s Multiple Property Document was accepted as the historical context and framework for listing historic homes to the National Register of Historic Places. When preparing this document, the City’s consultant identified 272 homes that are eligible for listing on the National Register.

Multiple Property Document

List of eligible properties