Street Projects

Steelhammer Road Improvements - Phase I

  • Project Number: 801
  • Description: Road widening and sidewalk installation on Steelhammer from Oak Street (Hwy 213) south approximately 1,100 feet to Jaysie Drive.
  • Status: Finishing Construction
  • Engineering Firm: Multi/Tech Engineering
  • Cost Estimate: $777,762
  • Contractor: Pacific Excavation
  • City Contact: John Cramer, Senior Engineer, 503.874.2209

​McClaine Street Reconstruction

  • Project Number: 954
  • Description:  Assess needs for a complete reconstruction of McClaine Street, including water, sewer, storm and road replacement.
  • Status:  Sewer line and laterals have been videoed. Waterline assessment is next
  • Engineering Firm:  TBD
  • Contractor: TBD
  • Cost Estimate:  TBD
  • City Contact:  John Cramer, Senior Engineer, 503.874.2209