Cross Connection Program


The City of Silverton is committed to providing safe, clean drinking water. While the water that reaches your home or business is safe, it can be contaminated within a property owner’s piping system, which could degrade water quality in the City through backflow or backsiphoning, into the City’s water mains. Most current water using equipment and appliances have built in backflow prevention features, but some do not. Landscape irrigation systems, boilers, fire sprinkler systems, spas and swimming pools are examples of systems that typically do not have built in backflow protection features and require added protection.

Testing and Test Reports

Backflow assembly test reports are due to the City of Silverton annually, between January 1 and June 1. Tests should be completed during the same month annually, if possible. Cross Connection control is a vital part of keeping water safe throughout the water system. 

Questions regarding the City of Silverton's cross connection program should be directed to the cross connection program coordinator at 503-874-2281 or

Delivery of Test Reports

Certified Testers - Please hand carry or mail test reports to:

City of Silverton Public Works
Cross connection Program
830 McClaine Street
Silverton, OR 97381

Legible Email reports will also be accepted at

General Information

Laws and Regulations

  1. Chelsea Starner

    Administrative Assistant II
    Phone: 503-874-2281

  2. Maintenance Division

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