City Manager

Ron Chandler was hired by the Silverton City Council to serve as the City Manager. Mr. Chandler started with the City on May 3, 2021. 

The City Manager has several duties, some of which are listed below. A full list of the powers and duties of the City Manager, are included under City Charter; Chapter V, Powers and Duties of Officers; of the Silverton Municipal Code. 

Powers and Duties:

  • See that all ordinances are enforced 
  • Appoint all heads of departments and other city employees on the basis of merit and fitness alone and suspend or remove all employees of the city at the manager’s pleasure, except as limited by this Charter and except as the manager may authorize heads of departments to appoint, suspend or remove subordinates in such departments
  • See that provisions of all franchises, contracts, leases and permits and privileges granted by the city are fully enforced and observed
  • Prepare the annual budget
  • Perform such other duties as required by the Charter or as the Council may require
  1. Ron C

    Ron Chandler

    City Manager
    Phone: 503-874-2205