Environmental Management Committee

Committee Background 

The Environmental Management Committee (EMC) was established in 2015 as an advisory committee to make recommendations to the City Council on 
issues regarding recycling, solid waste management, environmental issues and other similar matters. The EMC meets only as necessary to handle matters referred to it by the City Council, the Public Works Director, or the City Manager.

The EMC consists of seven voting members appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council. At least one member is an elected member of the City Council. Five citizen members are residents of the City of Silverton and one citizen member may reside outside city limits. The person or firm granted an exclusive franchise by the solid waste ordinance for providing solid waste services in the city  and the public works director serve as ex-officio (nonvoting) members of the EMC.

Committee Members

Members Representing Term Expires
Jess Miller City Council February 6, 2022
Mike Ashland Citizen Member May 1, 2023
Susan Carter Citizen Member February 6, 2024
Carl Krigbaum Citizen Member February 6, 2024
Dodie Brockamp Citizen Member February 6, 2023
Sam Perez Citizen Member June 30, 2022
Elyce Hues Citizen Member May 1, 2024
Travis Sperle City of Silverton Ex-Officio Member  
Travis Comfort Republic Services Ex-Officio Member