Volunteering for the City of Silverton


The City of Silverton has established a policy to support participation, career experience, and community involvement of members through volunteer, unpaid intern, and practicum student opportunities within the City of Silverton departments. Volunteers in the City of Silverton departments may be identified as:
  • Persons who are not employed by the city or city employees who have met the established criteria to volunteer, age 18 or older
  • Persons who are in non-paid job experience or on-the-job training programs
  • Unpaid intern and practicum students
  • Children age 12-17 years, with written parent permission
  • Children age 7-11 years, accompanied by a parent or legal guardian participating in family volunteer activities

Emergency Volunteers

During an emergency, when the City of Silverton’s Emergency Operations Center has been activated, emergency volunteers will be considered City of Silverton volunteers only if they are assisting at city-supervised work sites and sign in and out on a volunteer sign-in sheet, which is available from the city’s volunteer coordinator.

Volunteer Services Coordinator

The city volunteer services coordinator is a resource for departments regarding the recruitment, placement, management, and recognition of volunteers, unpaid interns, and practicum students. Additionally, the volunteer services coordinator manages the city volunteer database, ensures all volunteers receive city volunteer orientation and have a volunteer job description at placement, and compiles the city’s annual volunteer report. The Assistant to the City Manager/HR Coordinator serves as the city's volunteer services coordinator.