How is the sewer portion of my bill calculated?

Your residential sewer average includes a base charge and usage charge.  The usage charge is based off an average of your water usage between the six (6) winter months of November to April. Your May utility bill will reflect your new sewer average each year.  If you have not gone through our averaging period you will be billed based on monthly water usage up to a maximum amount stated on our rate sheet until you have gone through the averaging period. You have the option to "opt-out" of the averaging method and have the usage charge be based on actual usage. To do this you must fill out the Opt-Out Form and submit it to the Finance Department by April 30th.  If you want to Opt back in to the averaging method you must complete the same form and submit it no later than April 30th.  You will stay on the averaging method until you request a change. 

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