What is a cross connection?

A cross connection is any connection between piping that carries drinking water (also known as potable) and the piping or fixtures that carry other types of water or substances that are not safe to drink (also known as non-potable), and any matter that may change the color, taste, quality, or odor of water

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1. What is a cross connection?
2. How do I know when my assembly needs to be tested?
3. How often do backflow assemblies need to be tested?
4. Do I currently have adequate backflow protection? How can I find out?
5. What is the legal basis for a cross connection control program?
6. What is the responsibility of a building owner, property manager and water supplier?
7. What are some common examples of residential cross connections?
8. What is backflow? Why is backflow protection necessary?
9. What is a backflow assembly?