How do I handle infractions through the Violation Bureau?

General operations office hours are 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday. There is a three business day waiting period from the date of citation. All business must be finalized no later than 4:30 pm the day before your court appearance. All business must be handled in person at City Hall. If you would like to plead no contest, you can appear before the court clerk, who will look at your driving record and may be able to reduce the fine. The clerk uses the same fine schedule as the judge. If you have more than three convictions on your driving record, the clerk will be unable to reduce the fine. The clerk can take not guilty pleas and set trials on all infractions either in person or by sending in the yellow copy of the summons with option three filled out, signed, and dated. If you would like to plea guilty and explain to the judge what happened, this can be done in writing. The letter must be accompanied by the full base fine of all charges. All letters of explanation are given to the judge and must be received before your posted court appearance. The judge reads them, takes your statement and driving record into consideration, and assesses fines accordingly. If you are fined less than the base fine, the refund should reach you within four weeks. If your ticket is for No Insurance or Failure to Carry Proof of Insurance, and you have proof that you were insured for the vehicle on the date of the ticket, bring your proof to the Court Clerk prior to your court date and that charge may be dismissed. Be sure the proof contains the effective dates of the insurance. You may also pay your ticket online at:

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